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Generational Wealth 


We at Generational Wealth Credit Consultants aim to provide our customers with the best services possible to help them repair and build their credit. We want to help people generate Generational Wealth by improving their credit literacy, to leave a legacy. We repair credit, improve it, and also teach how to leverage it so that clients can enjoy the perks of having a great credit score! 


To provide ethical, moral, and honest service. Provide a high-quality credit repair process via education, communication, and relationship building.


There are several instances where you may have missed out on a chance to get necessary loans or even purchase fixed assets because of your credit. This happens more often than not just because you’re unaware of achieving the perfect credit score. Generational Wealth Credit Consultants are here to help. We will analyze your credit details and help you prepare for financial freedom. 


We aspire to be a company that puts clients before profits. We wish to measure our success by the quality of service we provide, not the quantity of clients we serve. We want to create long-lasting relationships built off trust while finding valuable solutions to clients' credit problems.

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Our Highly Qualified Credit Consultants are here to help you achieve your financial goals.  We are experts at solving credit issues, and are excited to see you on your path of creating Generational Wealth!

Owner and founder of Generational Wealth Credit Consultants Candace Hemstreet
Candace Hemstreet

Hello! I'm Candace Hemstreet, CEO & Founder of Generational Wealth Credit Consultants. I want to welcome you to my site officially.  I know, how difficult things can be with bad credit. I understand the pain and embarrassment you may feel when you're denied financing for things you want or even need. I've been there countless times.  My credit was so bad at one point, I couldn't find a place to rent. Yes, rent.

I hope to educate my clients so they won't have to have those types of experiences again. I understand it is a lack of knowledge in our community rather than having a genuine bad credit score, which keeps most people away from acquiring assets and other opportunities available to them. I also hope to bridge the knowledge gap by providing my expert services in the matter and improving my client's credit literacy.  You will create Generational Wealth!

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